Preliminary Analysis Service of 6mA in C. elegans

Nowadays DNA modification like 6mA is a hot topic in the field of epigenetics, having gradually appeared important in gene regulation, transmission of genetic information and early embryonic development. Here we offer dot blot and immunofluorescence techniques to help our customers to get access to the preliminary quantitative and distribution analysis of 6mA in C. elegans. Based on the strict control of experiment flow and the standardized experiment operation, we are committed to providing our customers with the most reliable and efficient research services to keep abreast of the frontiers of science.

Available services

  • Dot blot assay

Dot blot assay is a simple and effective detection method for a preliminary quantitative analysis of 6mA in gDNA. The assay is very similar to Western blots, both utilizing the antibodies to identify a protein that has bound to a membrane, without electrophoretic protein separation on a gel. Compared with traditional autoradiography, we use an optimized detection scheme, providing customers with high precision and accuracy of sample testing services.

Dot blot assay of 6mA in C. elegans.Fig1. Dot blot assay of 6mA in C. elegans. (Greer EL, et al., 2015)

  • immunofluorescence techniques

Immunofluorescence (IF) is one of the earliest developed marker immune techniques that is based on immunology, biochemistry and microscopy. IF relies on the use of antibodies chemically labeled with fluorescent dyes to study the localization, relative expression, and activation states of target proteins in fixed cells or tissues under a light microscope.

Although the challenges vary depending on the sample, the target, and the antibody. For a successful IF staining, the sample processing steps and quality of the particular antibody are the most crucial in the procedure. With years of experience in IF technology, we have developed a well-established platform with advanced experimental equipment and experienced scientists. Besides, the quality antibody is under rigorous control. We are committed to offering our customers the best and most comprehensive service with regular and customized immunofluorescence techniques.

 Immunofluorescence assay of 6mA in C. elegans. Fig2. Immunofluorescence assay of 6mA in C. elegans. (Greer EL, et al., 2015)

Features of our services

  • A well-established platform.
  • Strictly control of experiment flow.
  • The standardized experiment operation.
  • The best solution according to the customer's research objectives.

CD BioSciences strives for solutions that improve research outcomes and dramatically improve the speed of success. We have developed systematic platforms for analysis of DNA methylation in C. elegans. With the advanced experimental equipment and experienced scientists, we believe that our service will make your project achieve twice the result with half the effort. If you have any demands for C. elegans DNA methylation, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


  1. Greer EL, et al. (2015). "DNA Methylation on N6-Adenine in C. elegans". Cell. 161(4):868-878.
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