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Traditionally, toxicological studies have relied on a variety of animal models, which are costly, time-consuming, and complex, but C. elegans, with its small size, short life cycle, well-defined genome, ease of culture and high reproductive efficiency, has been used in a wide range of fields including developmental biology, ageing and neurobiology since it was first developed as a model animal in 1965. The C. elegans food avoidance Assay can be used in response to a variety of chemicals, including toxins, repellents, lures, pheromones and other different types of food sources, to reveal the underlying chemosensory and neural mechanisms involved, and is a valuable technique in C. elegans research, covering toxicology, drug discovery, sensory perception, genetic studies C. elegans is a valuable technique in toxicology, drug discovery, sensory perception, genetic studies, environmental biology and ageing studies. With a wealth of experience and analytical methods CD BioSciences is confident that we can provide you with a high-quality, cost-effective C. elegans food avoidance analysis service.

Applications of the C. elegans Food Avoidance Analysis

A commonly used experimental technique, the C. elegans food avoidance assay is used to study the feeding behavior and sensory responses of C. elegans. C. elegans are placed in agar plates in a suitable agar medium supplemented with different foods or chemicals and their behavioral responses are observed, in particular to test their ability to avoid harmful substances. applications of the C. elegans food avoidance assay are as follows:


Toxicology: Observing the avoidance behavior of C. elegans by exposing them to different compounds, which is valuable for assessing the safety and potential toxicity of compounds.

Drug Discovery

Drug Discovery: Screening compound libraries and observing whether nematode avoidance responses are elicited to identify compounds with therapeutic potential.

Chemosensation and Sensory Perception

Chemosensation and Sensory Perception: Helping to understand how C. elegans detects and responds to environmental factors and helping to elucidate the molecular and neural pathways involved in sensory perception.

Environmental Biology

Environmental Biology: Exposing C. elegans to a variety of conditions, such as temperature, humidity, or different food sources, and observing their avoidance responses can help assess the impact of environmental factors on nematode feeding behavior.

Our Services

Our C. elegans food avoidance analysis is a valuable tool in a variety of research areas, including neurobiology, toxicology, and drug discovery, helping researchers to be able to study the effects of genetic mutations, environmental factors or drugs on feeding behavior and sensory perception in C. elegans. Our specialized tracking and analysis software can help you accurately quantify these parameters. CD BioSciences specific services include, but are not limited to:

  • Assessing the response of C. elegans using different concentrations or combinations of different substances.
  • In addition to assessing C. elegans avoidance behavior, we will also fully analyze C. elegans food avoidance by assessing changes in movement speed, dwell time, reversal frequency, or body posture.

Features of Our Services

Advanced technology platform

Advanced technology platform

Excellent team of experts

Excellent team of experts

Whole-process technical trace service

Whole-process technical trace service

Shorter turnaround time and lower prices

Shorter turnaround time and lower prices

Food avoidance analysis in C. elegans provides valuable insights into neurobiology, toxicology, drug discovery, and the study of the effects of genetic mutations or environmental factors on the behavior and sensation of C. elegans. CD BioSciences is dedicated to providing the best service to accelerate the achievement of our customers' research goals. If you are interested in our services, please don't hesitate to contact us for more details.

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