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WMicrotracker Smart is our new technology with which you can get detailed information about behavior of small animals’ populations in function of time and space. Including Multi-worm path tracking.

It is a modular bug tracking system to quantify C.elegans behavior in small Petri dish format (35 mm Petri dish). It allows to get reliable quantification of animal population movement.

Main applications includes C.elegans mutants characterization, animal models of diseases, health span and lifespan assays in NGM.


The system’s functionality is based on the acquisition of a sequence of infrared imaging pictures (1 per second) and subsequent real-time processing. Depending on the configuration, it has the ability to work in two different modes:

Infrared images, plate upside down: This arrangement allows for tracking the path of multiple adult C. elegans (or worms of similar size) using NGM-type solid medium cultures. The method is based on an optical phenomenon of Silhouette Amplification by Infrared Refraction. Infrared light waves refract at the worm-agar interface, generating an amplified image that is captured by a sensitive optical/HD camera system. The digital processing of the image is carried out using software specially designed for real-time data acquisition.

Infrared microbeam grid, with the plate face-up: This mode allows for the quantification of the behavior of multiple organisms larger than 0.1 mm using solid, liquid, or air cultures. It also enables the definition of the activity area on the plate for use in chemotaxis experiments. This patented method is based on detecting movement through the scattering of light caused by a grid of infrared microbeams.


  • Simple and highly reproducible readings.
  • Detection of infrared microbeam diffraction, without morphometry.
  • Infrared imaging plus image processing.
  • Non-invasive technology: It uses very low power infrared radiation, without affecting the animals’ behaviour.
  • Fast data processing: It calculates the movement in real time, with 5 minutes time block resolution.

For any early stage or experienced laboratory. With affordable price for small laboratories. Focused on a varied field of experimentation. Intended for the academic and research sector, university teaching and companies.

The system detects the movement of organism populations through infrared imaging.

Application Examples

  • Worm Aging Assay

20 adult C.elegans were cultured in a 35 mm Petri Dish with NGM + FuDR. Data acquisition has been performed once a day, using 5 minutes acquisition lapse. Plates were subjected to “tap” stimulation before each measure. The plot shows the single worms trails on the plate, and its reduction with age.

  • Distance Validation Using Imagej

Validation of Worm distance measured with WMicrotracker SMART vs. ImageJ Manual measure.

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