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CD BioSciences is committed to providing researchers the most reliable research services with comprehensive data analysis, faster turnaround time, and the most competitive prices.

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We are dedicated to providing you with in-depth scientific and technical support.

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C. elegans Genetic Engineering Service

We provide genetic engineering services for exploring practically every aspect of C. elegans biology.

C. elegans RNAi Service

CD BioSciences is committed to providing you with high-quality targeted RNAi and RNAi screening services.

C. elegans Mutagenesis Service

We can assist you to induce and screen mutations of a specific phenotype in C. elegans.

C. elegans Stress Analysis Service

Studies of the C. elegans stress responses provide detailed insights into the genetic and molecular mechanisms.

C. elegans Phenotype Analysis Service

Our diverse phenotyping services provide valuable insights into gene function, drug discovery, and aging research.

C. elegans Omics Service

Through our C. elegans omics services, you will gain unprecedented insights.

Our Products

Our Quality Products For Your Unique Projects

C. elegans Freezing Solution

C. elegans Antibodies

C. elegans Proteins & Peptides

C. elegans Assay Kits


For Different Research Fields

Environmental Toxicity Assessment

C. elegans is a useful bioindicator and suitable for ecotoxicological testing in environments.

Screening of Potential Probiotics

C. elegans is a valuable in vivo model for studying host-probiotic interactions.

Drug Screening against Neurodegenerative Diseases

Many C. elegans models of human NDs have been developed and characterized for drug screening.


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With a specialized research platform based on C. elegans, CD BioSciences offers high-quality services to meet your needs, ranging from gene editing to drug discovery.

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