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As a progressive neurodegenerative disease, Alzheimer's disease (AD) manifests itself as cognitive impairment, progressive memory loss, and neurodegeneration mainly affecting people over 65 years of age. AD is closely related to age, characterized by the prevalence of extracellular Aβ plaques and intracellular neurofibrillary tangles. After years of extensive research, the underlying pathological molecular mechanisms of AD remain unclear. C. elegans is an excellent model organism that can be used to study AD. CD BioSciences provides AD drug screening services to passionate researchers around the globe by utilizing a high throughput screening platform based on C. elegans.

C. elegans for Alzheimer's Disease Research

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a chronic and irreversible neurodegenerative disorder whose pathology is clearly indicated by a large accumulation of amyloid-β (Aβ) in the brain. Currently, only the symptoms caused by AD can be treated, not cured. Although various in vitro and cell-based models have been proposed for high-throughput drug screening for potential therapeutic benefits in protein misfolding disorders. Due to the disease manifests on several scales, including molecular, cellular, and organismal, it is difficult within the organismal phenotype to replicate and exploit for screening in vitro. Additionally, while mammalian models can be used for in vivo screening of new compounds, the time and effort required when screening candidate compounds in large numbers is prohibitive. C. elegans provides a convenient in vivo system for AD drug screening, which can be used to check for toxicity outcomes of overexpression of proteins and peptides susceptible to pathologic misfolding, and for the discovery of proteins that can be protected against misfolding of protein compounds.

Examples of C. elegans models used to study neurodegenerative disorders by expressing human disease-associated genes in specific cell types.Fig.1 Examples of C. elegans models used to study neurodegenerative disorders by expressing human disease-associated genes in specific cell types. (Roussos A, et al., 2023)

Correspondence between human genes associated with AD and their C. elegans orthologues:

Human Genes Human Genes C. elegans Orthologue Human Genes Human Genes C. elegans Orthologue Human Genes Human Genes C. elegans Orthologue
APP apl-1 EPHA1 vab-1 ECHDC3 ech-2
APLP1 apl-1 CLU/TRPM2 ced-11 ACE acn-1
APLP2 apl-1 INPP5D inpp-1 ADAMTS1 gon-1
ADAM10 and ADAM17 sup-17 andadm-4 CR1 lev-9 TRIP4 asc-1
BACE1 none ABI3 abi-1 RORA nhr-23
PSEN1 sel-12, hop-1 and spe-4 PLCG2 plc-3 ZNF423 lin-13
PSEN2 sel-12, hop-1 and spe-4 MEF2C mef-2 ZNF655 ztf-2
NCSTN aph-2 CD2AP Y44E3A.4 TSPOAP1, BZRAP1 rimb-1
APH1A aph-1 CELF1 etr-1 TPBG lron-3
PSENEN pen-2 FERMT2 unc-112 HS3ST1 hst-3.1
MAP2/MAP4/MAPT/Tau ptl-1 FERMT2 ndk-1 HS3ST1 dkf-2
APOE none SORL1 F14B4.1 NDUFAF7 ZK1128.1
GSK3β gsk-3 ABCA7 abt-2 CHRNE acr-2, acr-3, acr-6, acr-8, acr-12, lev-1, lev-8, unc-29, unc-38, unc-63
SNAP91, PICALM unc-11 SLC24A2/A4 ncx-4 and ncx-5 REST spr-3 and spr-4
BIN1, BIN2, AMPH amph-1 RIN3 rin-1 PTK2B kin-32
CLUAP1 dyf-3

Our Services

In order to fully leverage the advantages of the model and provide a better service experience for customers, we use a protocol that involves scalable phenotypic assay implemented on automated systems. CD BioSciences is dedicated to utilizing the C. elegans high-throughput screening platform to screen drugs for Alzheimer's disease. The C. elegans strains we offer for AD drug screening include, but are not limited to:

  • Aβ Models
  • Presenilin Models
  • APOE Models
  • Tau Models
  • APP Models

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Fast Turnaround

CD BioSciences is a dedicated provider of C. elegans model services. Since the nematode system has been successfully employed to establish the model of AD and demonstrated its value in screening potential compounds of human neurodegenerative disorders. Here we offer one-stop service covering steps from strain cultivation to data analysis. When you choose CD BioSciences, you will find your best and most reliable partner. Please feel free to contact us for more details of our service. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!


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