Conjoint Sequencing Analysis Service of 6mA in C. elegans

Previous studies identified a new DNA modification in C. elegans, as well as regulators that control the dynamics of this modification, and promoted 6mA as a potential carrier of non-genetic information across generations. The reliable identification of DNA modification 6mA is important for researchers to do related research.

CD BioSciences offers a thoughtful service that combines MeDIP-Seq and RNA -Seq to analyze the relationship between genes and 6mA of C. elegans in specific developmental or pathological states.

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Methylated DNA Immunoprecipitation Sequencing (MeDIP-Seq) was first described in 2008, combining MeDIP with massively parallel DNA sequencing. MeDIP is a genome-scale purification technique used to enrich methylated DNA fragments with specific antibodies. Therefore, deep sequencing could provide great genome coverage and reveal the majority of immunoprecipitated methylated DNA. CD BioSciences is providing MeDIP-Seq service with Illumina HiSeq to identify the abundance and distribution of DNA modification 6mA in the model organism C. elegans on a genome-wide scale.

Properties and advantages of MeDIP-Seq

  • Affinity-based capture approach within high sensitivity and specificity antibodies
  • A cost-effective approach when single-base resolution is not required
  • Generate unbiased, full-genome methylation levels without the limitations of restriction sites or CpG islands
  • A feasible approach within a small amount of input DNA


RNA -Seq is a particular technology-based sequencing technique that can detect the overall transcriptional activity of a cell or tissue, providing information on the transcript level in a particular state. RNA-Seq delivers an unbiased and unprecedented high-resolution view of the global transcriptional landscape, which enables an affordable and accurate way for gene expression quantification analysis. Here, we combine both Illumina HiSeq and PacBio systems to provide a fast and accurate RNA-Seq to quantify gene expressions that are correlated with 6mA.

Properties and advantages of RNA-Seq

  • High throughput
  • Quantitative and precise detection of transcriptome at the single nucleotide level

Workflow of conjoint sequencing analysis of 6mA in C. elegans

Workflow of conjoint sequencing analysis of 6mA in C. elegans- CD BioSciences

Advantages of our services

  • A systematic and mature platform with dedicated scientists.
  • One-stop solutions.
  • Customized bioinformatics analysis.

CD BioSciences strives for solutions that improve research outcomes and dramatically improve the speed of success. We create a thoughtful service using standardized experimental processes, advanced sequencing platforms and professional bioinformatics analysis. With the years of experience in the sequencing field, we have served and trusted by customers from all over the world. We can always customize our services to fit our customers' needs. If you have any demands in conjoint sequencing analysis, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


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