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C. elegans is a valuable model organism that is widely used in the study of gene function and complex molecular processes. Recently, C. elegans has become a powerful tool for drug screening due to genetic and molecular ease of handling, adaptability of high-throughput screening methods, and cost-effectiveness of experiments. At CD BioSciences, we utilize C. elegans high-throughput screening platforms, advanced imaging platforms, and data analysis software to provide drug screening services for our global clients, including anti-infective compounds, anti-neurodegenerative disease drugs, longevity compounds, and anti-cancer drugs. In addition, we also offer customized pipelines to identify drug targets and mechanisms for the particular needs of our customers.

Advantages of C. elegans in Drug Screening

Drug development is a long, complex, and expensive process, especially in the early stages of drug screening, and requires a large number of low-cost and time-consuming animal models. As a model organism, C. elegans has been used for the study of fundamental biological processes such as apoptosis, senescence, and regulation of gene expression. With the emergence of large-scale screening platforms, C. elegans has become an important tool for the drug research industry to identify new drugs and drug targets, as well as an invaluable tool for screening compounds with potential therapeutic uses. C. elegans has the following advantages when used for drug screening:

Ease of Manipulation: characteristics of nematodes include small size, short lifespan, feeding on E. coli, and the ability to survive in solid and liquid culture conditions. In addition, the availability of advanced genetic tools and genomic resources helps in drug target identification.

Highly Homologous to Human Genes: Being highly homologous to human genes, C. elegans is an exceptional model for genetic and molecular analyses of human disease-associated genes and is widely used to model complex human diseases and related disorders for drug discovery.

Can be Used for Drug Evaluation: C. elegans can be used in the initial stages of the drug discovery process, while being able to evaluate drug efficacy, metabolism, and toxicity profiles.

Transparent Body: The transparent body of C. elegans facilitates non-invasive observation of internal structures and physiological processes.

Scorable Phenotypes: C. elegans has a variety of scorable phenotypes that can be analyzed for initial drug screening.

Caenorhabditis elegans as a versatile platform for drug discovery.Fig.1 Caenorhabditis elegans as a versatile platform for drug discovery. (Giunti S, et al., 2021)

Our Services

The C. elegans disease model not only facilitates researchers' understanding of the disease, but also accelerates the screening of drugs for neurodegenerative diseases, anti-infective compounds, and anti-cancer drugs. As an expert in C. elegans research, CD BioSciences is committed to providing you with drug screening services utilizing high-throughput screening platforms to help you break through the difficulties in your drug screening programs. The C. elegans drug screening services we provide include but are not limited to:

Workflow of Our Services

Workflow of Our Services

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As the world's leading custom service provider, we are dedicated to accelerating the speed to achieve customers' research goals with high-quality, and also provide the customized service to suit the particular needs of customers' research. If you are interested in our service, please feel free to contact us for more information.


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