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As a widely used experimental technique in developmental biology and genetics, food clearance experiments are commonly used to study feeding behavior and physiological processes in C. elegans. Food clearance analysis in C. elegans has contributed to the fields of basic biology and genetics, aging, drug discovery, and toxicology. Although C. elegans is a powerful model for studying feeding genetics, food-related behavior, and metabolism, direct measurement of its bacterial food intake is challenging. As experts in C. elegans physiological analysis, CD BioSciences is confident that we can provide you with high-quality, cost-effective C. elegans food clearance analysis services that will break down your research barriers and advance your research.

Applications of C. elegans Food Clearance Analysis

Analysis of C. elegans food clearance can help researchers understand the effects of genetic or environmental factors on feeding efficiency.

  • Feeding Behavior: Provides insight into C. elegans feeding behavior, including how it detects, locates, and ingests food and the factors that influence its feeding preferences.
  • Nutrient Absorption: Helps researchers' study how C. elegans obtain and absorb nutrients, thus providing valuable information on nutrient transport, digestion, and metabolic processes.
  • Aging and Longevity: Food clearance analyses help assess how dietary factors affect the lifespan and health of C. elegans, helping researchers realize studies on aging.
  • Drug Screening and Toxicology: The clearance of C. elegans to food can change depending on the drug or toxin, so analysis of C. elegans food clearance can be used in drug screening and toxicology to evaluate drug compounds or toxic substances.
  • Neurological and Genetic Studies: Food clearance analysis of C. elegans helps researchers study specific genes, neural circuits, or signaling pathways, and thus identify potential mechanisms and determine new targets.

Measurement of bacterial clearance with C. elegans.Measurement of bacterial clearance with C. elegans. (Gomez-Amaro RL, et al., 2015)

Our Services

CD BioSciences provides a powerful tool for your C. elegans food clearance analysis with two assays, including:

Measuring food intake by quantifying changes in bacterial optical density over time.

Measuring food uptake by tracking the synthesis of new proteins through a metabolic pulse labeling strategy called pulse feeding.

One of these pulse feeding techniques allows for a clear determination of how food composition determines protein synthesis by measuring new protein synthesis and is an ideal method for C. elegans food clearance analysis that can be used to determine how food affects aging and health.

Features of Our Services

Movement Analysis

Movement Analysis

Analysis of worm movement includes tracking the trajectories of individual worms, measuring their speed, and assessing their turning behavior and path length.

Quantification of Clearance Area and Clearance Rate

Quantification of Clearance Area and Clearance Rate

Measure the area of the mats removed by worms over time, and then calculate the clearance rate.

Image Acquisition and Processing

Image Acquisition and Processing

Images or videos of the agar platform with worms and moss are captured periodically, the worms and moss are segmented and identified using relevant image analysis software.

As experts in C. elegans research, CD BioSciences has the advanced equipment and experienced scientists to confidently provide you with C. elegans food clearance analysis services, so please feel free to contact us if you have any needs.


  1. Gomez-Amaro R L, Valentine E R, Carretero M, et al. Measuring food intake and nutrient absorption in Caenorhabditis elegans[J]. Genetics, 2015, 200(2): 443-454.
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