C. elegans Lysis Kit for Genotyping
Cat: EM-00100

Inquiry Size: 100 mL, 500mL, Custom Size
Subcategory C. elegans Lysis Kit for Genotyping
Cat EM-00100
Product Name C. elegans Lysis Kit for Genotyping
Description This kit is designed to get lysate of C. elegans, a small nematode widely used in genetic and developmental studies.
The kit enables researchers to quickly obtain DNA material for genotyping. It’s very easy to use, and can be applied to bulk worm genotyping and single worm genotyping.
Storage 1× Lysis Buffer: Store at room temperature or 4 °C.
Proteinase K: Store at -20 °C.
Kit Components 1× Lysis Buffer
Proteinase K
Target Species C. elegans
Limitations For research use only.
Datasheets Download
For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.

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