Our WMicroTracker systems allow automatic readings of the behavior of C. elegans. Our systems bring disruptive innovation in the measurement of compound toxicity, resistance to stress, search for new anthelmintics, metabolic, lifetime, and human disease models.

The micro-tracker is an automated system that provides quantitative measurements of a variety of parameters such as movement patterns, velocity, directionality, and response to stimuli. The multiple infrared microbeam of our micro-tracker allows for real-time tracking and analysis of multiple organisms at the same time, resulting in efficient and high-throughput data collection. In addition, the micro-tracker's non-invasive tracking technology minimizes stress and interference with the organisms, ensuring more accurate and reliable data.

CD BioSciences offers four automated micro-tracker systems to make your scientific research more convenient.

WMicrotracker ONE
  • Infrared light scattering
  • High throughput system
  • 96 and 384 well plates
WMicrotracker ARENA
  • Big array of IR microbeams
  • 6 and 24 well plates, 35 mm petri dish
  • Agar & liquid culture
  • Temperature control
  • Spatial resolution
WMicrotracker SMART
  • Full Plate IR Video Imaging
  • Up to 8x 35 mm petri dishes
  • Agar compatibility
  • Tracking of worm paths
  • Low cost
WMicrotracker MINI
  • Infrared light scattering
  • 96w microplate
  • Liquid culture
  • Low cost
Plates WMicrotracker ONE WMicrotracker ARENA WMicrotracker SMART WMicrotracker MINI
96-wells (Flat)    
96-wells (U)    
35 mm petri dish    
Media Liquid
Temperature Monitoring  
Spatial Resolution    

WMicrotracker ONE

Wmicrotracker ONE is optimized for measurements of animals cultured in a liquid medium by using a 96- or 384-well plate format. It has been validated for use in C. elegans.

How To

1. Make a worm solution.
2. Dispense to 96-well plate. Add treatment compounds.
3. Measure activity using Wmicrotracker ONE.


As the animals cross the sensor grid, locomotor activity is detected as interruptions in light beams. A software algorithm calculates the number of activity events per time block.


Compatible with C. elegans [from 100 um to 3 mm size]. Only swimming behavior is required. Useful for Drug screening, Mutant/RNAi screening, Oxidative Stress, Neurodegeneration, Developmental toxicology, Ecotoxicity experiments, and more.

WMicrotracker ARENA

The Wmicrotracker ARENA is optimized for measurement of C. elegans-cultured in liquid and agar solid medium.

It is compatible with 24- and 6-well microplate formats, plus 35 mm Petri dish.

How To

1. Make a worm solution.
2. Dispense to 6well or 24-well plate. Add treatment compounds.
3. Measure activity using WMicrotracker ARENA.


Locomotor activity is detected by IR cameras when the animals produce light scattering into the microbeam array. A software algorithm calculates the number of activity events per time block and its location into the plate.


Compatible with most animal species [from 100 um to 5 mm size]. Useful for Toxicology assays, Chemotaxis, Heat shock stress, Health span, and more.

WMicrotracker SMART

WMicrotracker SMART is optimized for path tracking of animals cultured in liquid, solid, or air medium by using a 35 mm Petri dish. It comes in two versions: SMARTx1 for a single plate or SMARTx8 for 8 plates with a moving carousel.

It has been validated for tracking C. elegans cultured on NGM.

How To

1. Transfer the worms to a 35 mm plate.
2. Measure 5min using Wmicrotracker SMART.


The system detects the movement of organism populations through infrared imaging. A machine learning algorithm recognize worm silhouettes and track their movement into the plate.


Currently validated using C.elegans worms. Useful for Health span and Lifespan, Toxicity assay, and Motility.

WMicrotracker MINI

WMicrotracker Mini is the small brother and low-cost version of WMicrotracker ONE. It uses the same infrared microbeam technology for measurements of animals cultured in a liquid medium but using a 96 beams sensor array instead of 384. It is only compatible with 96 well microplates.

It has been validated for use in C.elegans (L1, L4, and adult stages) and small insects cultured into glass tubes.

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