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The invertebrate C. elegans is a small nematode and was brought to the lab by Sydney Brenner over 50 years ago. The nematode is now widely used as a model system for many fundamental biological studies because of its unique characteristics and many experimental advantages. Many key features that have made C. elegans an attractive model include: a short life cycle, the transparency of the body, a completely defined developmental cell lineage, ease of cultivation, availability of large sets of mutants and the absence of ethical issues. C. elegans strain maintenance and storage plays a critical role in advancing research progress, ensuring that the time, effort, and resources invested by researchers are protected for consistent experimentation and continuation of research projects. CD BioSciences proudly offers customized C. elegans maintenance and storage services to clients worldwide.

C. elegans anatomy and life cycle.Fig.1 C. elegans anatomy and life cycle. (Lans H, et al., 2015)

Our Services

At CD BioSciences, our experienced scientists understand the importance of maintaining the genetic integrity and viability of valuable C. elegans strains. With expertise and well-equipped facilities, we are confident that we can provide you with high-quality customized C. elegans strain maintenance and storage services to ensure that your C. elegans strains remain healthy, well-preserved, and fully prepared for your research. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • C. elegans Culture Services
    The optimal culture temperature for C. elegans is between 16 °C and 25 °C, usually 20 °C. Our C. elegans culture service not only provides you with a choice of different culture temperatures, but also includes solid and liquid cultures to meet your different research needs. In addition, we will pay attention to the specific biochemical requirements of C. elegans strains (e.g., temperature sensitivity or dauer defective).
  • C. elegans Freezing Services
    Here, we utilize innovative C. elegans freezing solution to provide two protocols for customer off-site backup storage of their most valuable strains with correct staging: C. elegans storage with a liquid freezing solution or soft agar freezing solution, both of which can safely preserve worms for many years. Liquid freezing solution is useful for the long-term storage of stocks in liquid nitrogen. And for freezing working stocks of C. elegans at −80 °C, soft agar freezing solution is recommended.

Workflow of Freezing C. elegans Services

Wash the plate with M9 to collect L1s.

Precipitate L1s by centrifugation after paralyzing the collected worms on ice.

Discard M9 and add freezing solution and mix thoroughly.

Store at -80 °C.

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Advanced Technologies

Advanced Technologies

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

Fast Turnaround

Fast Turnaround

CD BioSciences has been specializing in C. elegans research for many years, and our experienced scientists are committed to providing you with high-quality solutions to meet your diverse needs. We guarantee that all deliverables are rigorously quality tested and delivered on time. In addition, we provide high quality products to advance your research progress. If you are interested in our services or products or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Lans H, Vermeulen W. Tissue specific response to DNA damage: C. elegans as role model[J]. DNA repair, 2015, 32: 141-148.
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