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CD BioSciences, located in New York, is a professional provider of C. elegans model services. CD BioSciences is committed to providing researchers the most reliable research services with comprehensive data analysis, faster turnaround time, and the most competitive prices. Our services involve C. elegans genome editing, the construction of C. elegans stress response model, aging research, drug screening, and C. elegans biology among others.

CD BioSciences is a reliable partner dedicated to accelerating the speed of our customers' research projects. We have a professional team with rich experience in the fields of C. elegans research and advanced instruments, which enables CD BioSciences to develop a series of systematic platforms and complete independent research. For example, the high-throughput automated drug screening platform based on the COPASTM Worm Sorter and Spot Detector are employed to accelerate and improve the drug screening process, involving anti-infective compounds, drugs against neurodegenerative diseases, pro-longevity compounds and anti-cancer drugs. In addition, we can also provide our customers with unique products and services according to your scientific research needs.

At CD BioSciences we are continuously striving to complement our product portfolio with novel products and technologies, which is an important prerequisite for our continuous growth.

Why Choose Us

Quality Guarantee

Quality is the cornerstone of CD BioSciences' success. Our highly trained staff will strictly implement quality control procedures to deliver customer results on time without compromising quality.

One-stop Service

We are dedicated to helping our clients to achieve effective and successful research. We provide a comprehensive suite of services, including experimental consulting, design, execution, management, analysis and reporting service.

Extensive Experience

Our experts are highly experienced in a series of C. elegans related technologies, such as the microinjection, GFP reporter system, and RNAi among others.

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