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Wmicrotracker® MINI features innovative technology that allows you to obtain real-time information about the behavior and viability of populations of C. elegans grown in liquid medium. The "Equipment + Software" system is optimized for quickly and easily quantifying the locomotor activity of small organisms in 96-well microplates. This system is a simplified and cost-effective version of the “WMicrotracker ONE”.


Based on an innovative system of 96 infrared microbeams, the system detects the small interferences generated by the organisms present in the sample. In this way, a pattern of activity is recorded, which will be processed by software specially designed for real-time data acquisition.

The digital analysis of signal changes (proportional to light intensity) allows us to detect the movement of the organism passing through the beam of light. A software calculates the number of activity events per time block.

The device can perform High Throughput assays in liquid medium in the following microplate formats:

  • 96-well flat bottom [1 IR beam/well]
  • 96-well U-bottom [1 IR beam/well]
  • 8 to 32 Glass tubes for small insects (4-6 beams per tube)

For any early stage or experienced laboratory. With affordable price for small laboratories. Focused on a varied field of experimentation. Intended for the academic and research sector, university teaching and for companies.

The system detects the movement of organisms through the interference caused by them in an array of micro beams of infrared light. (Patented Technology # US12515723, EP208640881).

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