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Individuals with Parkinson's Disease (PD) exhibit not only motor deficits (including bradykinesia, impaired balance, rigidity, and the presence of a resting tremor), but also non-motor symptoms (e.g., depression, apathy, and anxiety). Currently, there is no cure for PD, and treatment options can only relieve symptoms, not change the course of the disease, which affects millions of people worldwide. As a professional C. elegans model service provider, CD BioSciences offers a biologically simple but pathologically relevant disease model based on C. elegans combing with advanced screening technologies to help customers explore the underlying mechanisms that result in PD and its progression and identify effective therapeutic targets.

C. elegans as a Model Organism for Parkinson's Disease

As a common neurodegenerative disease, PD is characterized by the extensive accumulation of α-synuclein (α-syn) protein in cells and the loss of dopaminergic neurons (DNs) in the substantia nigra. Currently, because of the limited understanding of the etiology and pathobiology of PD, its treatment is primarily symptomatic. Researchers have developed a variety of models to study the disease, including cellular, non-mammalian, rodent, and non-human primate models. C. elegans is suitable for large-scale screening of disease modifiers due to its small size, transparent body, rapid reproduction, short life cycle, fully sequenced genome, and traceability of genetic manipulation.

C. elegans models of neurodegenerative diseases are generally developed by overexpressing pathogenic proteins in different cells.Fig.1 The toxic process of α-syn aggregation in a single neuron of human. (Youssef K, et al., 2019)

Our Services

The Parkinson's disease drug screening services we offer are characterized by high efficiency, screening automation, and experimental user-friendliness compared to traditional C. elegans-based drug screening methods.CD BioSciences has developed a variety of transgenic strains through proven gene editing technology for use in helping our clients to develop neuronal and behavioral assays as well as drug screens.

Our PD drug screening models include but not limited to

  • dat-1p::GFP+dat-1p::WT α-syn
  • dat-1p::GFP+dat-1p::α-syn
  • sid-1(pk3321); baIn11; baIn33
  • dat-1p::GFP+dat-1p::α-syn
  • dat-1p::GFP+dat-1p::α-syn

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C. elegans is a model organism that not only presents the important cellular and neuronal activities, but also offers the phenotypic screening of behaviors that provide a more comprehensive understanding of PD, a neurological movement disorder. CD BioSciences is a professional provider of C. elegans model services. We are dedicated to achieving customers' research goals relying on skillful technicians and advanced equipment. Please feel free to contact us for more details of our service. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!


  1. Youssef K, Tandon A, Rezai P. Studying Parkinson's disease using Caenorhabditis elegans models in microfluidic devices[J]. Integrative Biology, 2019, 11(5): 186-207.
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