C. elegans Disease Model Construction Service

Humans are difficult to use for modeling human disease due to practical and ethical constraints, and other mammals, such as mice, are limited in their ability to recapitulate disease and their ability to rapidly study it. The non-mammalian model, C. elegans, has the entire physiology of an animal and the ability to generalize at least some aspects of human disease. In addition, with the advent of tools such as RNA interference (RNAi) and CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing, C. elegans has become an excellent model organism for disease research. In terms of C. elegans disease modeling, we have a mature and advanced gene editing technology platform to help researchers develop customized disease models based on their specific research goals.

Genetic Engineering for C. elegans Disease Model Construction

C. elegans is an excellent model organism because it serves as an excellent molecular genetics and cell biology tool that can be used to understand processes of relevance to humans; it is the first multicellular organism to have a fully sequenced genome, and approximately 42% of the genes associated with human diseases have direct nematode homologs. With the advent of gene editing technologies such as CRISPR/Cas9, it has become easy to generate precisely modified alleles in C. elegans. Researchers can precisely insert or delete specific sequences, modify individual bases, and even replace nematode genes with their direct human homologs. In addition, C. elegans RNAi can be simply achieved by feeding C. elegans.

Modelling human diseases in C. elegans by expressing human genes implicated in disease in specific cell types.Fig.1 Modelling human diseases in C. elegans by expressing human genes implicated in disease in specific cell types. (Markaki M, et al., 2020)

As a powerful model organism, C. elegans is commonly used in various disease studies. Through gene editing technology, C. elegans can create customized disease models that accurately mimic human diseases, allowing for detailed studies of disease mechanisms and potential therapeutic interventions.

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CD BioSciences specializes in providing comprehensive services in the field of C. elegans research. With our expertise and advanced gene editing technology, we provide researchers and scientists with precise gene editing technologies to construct disease models.

C. elegans Disease Model Service

C. elegans is a high-throughput model organism that exhibits significant genetic and physiological similarities to humans. CD BioSciences assist you in establishing diverse animal models to facilitate your research endeavors.