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As the first multicellular eukaryote to be sequenced, the C. elegans genome is highly homologous to the human genome and has been associated with many human diseases, offering unique advantages in drug activity screening and mechanism of action studies. With decades of experience, CD BioSciences has accumulated extensive knowledge in C. elegans motility analysis, including analysis of head thrash and body bending, and we have high-throughput and high-precision computational approaches that can help you rapidly implement drug activity screening, anti-aging studies, toxicological assessments, and neuroscience studies.

Introduction to C. elegans Motility Analysis

C. elegans is a model organism that feeds on bacteria. Compared with other model organisms, C. elegans has become one of the most widespread model organisms in life science research because of its simple structure, clean genetic background (it is the first multicellular eukaryote to complete full gene sequencing), short life cycle, high reproductive capacity, sensitive detection index and easy laboratory culture.
Motility analysis of C. elegans has important implications for the following studies:

  • Aging Studies: C. elegans is commonly used in anti-aging studies because of its short life cycle. Physiological indicators such as nematode lifespan, motility analysis (including head thrash and body bending), pharyngeal pump frequency and antioxidant damage capacity are mainly used to screen and evaluate anti-aging drugs by observation.
  • Toxicological Studies: C. elegans is very sensitive to exogenous compounds, so motility analysis of C. elegans has great advantages in toxicology research and can be used for toxicity assessment of certain metals and organic pollutants.
  • Neurological Studies: With a relatively simple nervous system and a well-defined set of neurons, C. elegans is an excellent model for studying the nervous system. Motility analysis of C. elegans is a rapid indicator for assessing whether the nervous system is impaired and helps to elucidate how neural signals regulate locomotion, sensory perception, and responses to environmental cues.

Analysis of C. elegans motility assay.Fig.1 Analysis of C. elegans motility assay. (Dahl-Halvarsson M, et al., 2017)

Our Services

Over the years, CD BioSciences has focused on C. elegans research, and the C. elegans motility analysis provided for you includes but is not limited to:

C. elegans Head Thrash Analysis

C. elegans Motility Traces Analysis

C. elegans Path Curvature Analysis

C. elegans Phototaxis Assays

C. elegans Body Bending Analysis

C. elegans Locomotion Speed Analysis

C. elegans Chemotaxis Assay

Why Choose CD BioSciences?

  • Advanced high-throughput and high-precision computing platform
  • Proven and reliable experimental data
  • Excellent team of experts with rich experience
  • Competitive pricing and high-quality services and products
  • Fast turnaround time

In recent years, C. elegans has become an excellent animal model for aging, environmental and toxicological studies. CD BioSciences scientists are committed to helping researchers around the world advance drug discovery, anti-aging research, and environmental toxicology research through C. elegans motility analysis. If you are interested in our services or have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Dahl-Halvarsson M, Pokrzywa M, Rauthan M, et al. Myosin storage myopathy in C. elegans and human cultured muscle cells[J]. PLoS One, 2017, 12(1): e0170613.
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