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C. elegans comprises unique features that make it a popular model system in diverse fields of biology. To better serve our customers, we also provide other services, including C. elegans histology service, microinjection service, isolation, and culture of C. elegans cells, strain maintenance and storage service, and services to isolate and identify C. elegans from the natural habitat and so on. With well-established methods, advanced technology platforms and experienced experts, CD BioSciences promises to provide our customers with the most reliable and efficient research services to best match their research objectives.

Advantages of C. elegans for Research

C. elegans has become the model organism of choice for scientific research due to its small size, rapid growth, high number of eggs laid, and short life cycle; furthermore, there are no ethical issues with the use of C. elegans for scientific research.

ServicesFeeding on E. coli: C. elegans feeds on cheap E. coli (OP50), grows rapidly, has a very short life cycle, and lays a large number of eggs.

ServicesSimple Anatomy: C. elegans is structurally simple and its nervous system consists of only 302 neurons, helping researchers to fully map and study neural circuits.

ServicesBody Transparency: C. elegans is transparent, which means that its internal organs and developmental processes can be observed non-invasively using microscopy techniques.

ServicesGenetic Tractability: C. elegans has a short generation time (~3 days) and a relatively small genome, making it easy to manipulate genetically. The use of technologies such as RNA interference (RNAi) and genome editing (using CRISPR-Cas9) allow researchers to selectively silence or modify specific genes, enabling the study of gene function and regulation.

ServicesDisease Modeling: About 60–80% of the nematode genes are homologues to human genes. Many of the genes in the C. elegans genome have functional counterparts in humans which makes it an extremely useful model for human diseases.

Microinjection scheme for C. elegans.Fig.1 Microinjection scheme for C. elegans. (Rieckher M, et al., 2017)

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CD BioSciences is a trusted partner. We are committed to serving our customers with high quality, reproducible results. Our services include but are not limited to:

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Advanced Technologies

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Customized Solutions

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With the strict experimental procedure, and experienced technicians, CD BioSciences is confident to serve our customers with high quality. Additionally, our services are tailored to meet customers’ specific needs. If you are interested in our services or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us and we look forward to cooperating with you on attractive projects.


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