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Location: NY, US    Job Type: Full-time    Shift Work: No

We are looking for a highly motivated and experienced project manager. In the position, the candidate will lead and participate in the overall planning of the C. elegans model development projects, including research design, program customization, projects management, evaluation and reporting, and data presentation.


- Ph.D. degree in cellular and molecular biology, genetics, genomics, biochemistry, or related fields;

- In-depth knowledge of C. elegans model research;

- Precious experience in animal model service and project management is preferred;

- Strong analysis and problem-solving capabilities;

- Good communication and presentation skills;

- Able to work under stress.

Duties and responsibilities:

- Provide project strategies and technical solutions according to customers’ specific needs;

- Participate in the overall planning of R&D projects;

- Focus on C. elegans model project management, including project tracking and regular reporting;

- Lead and coordinate the team to ensure the smooth running of the project;

- Conduct technical communication, answer and provide feedback to customers' technical questions in time.

Online Application

To apply for a position, please complete the online application and include a cover letter as well as further references relevant to your field.

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