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Location: NY, US    Job Type: Full-time    Shift Work: No

We are seeking a highly motivated individual who will be responsible for the sales of C. elegans model products and contract services. The candidate will explore and cultivate new and old customers, and build relationships with client project teams.


- Ph.D. in cellular and molecular biology, genetics, genomics, biochemistry, or related fields;

- Experience in animal model service is preferred;

- Good communication ability and presentation skills;

- Adapt to business travels;

- Able to work under high pressure.

Duties and responsibilities:

- Explore and cultivate potential customers and build relationships with client project teams;

- Keep in touch with customers from both academic and industrial settings, and visit them regularly;

- Work closely with relevant departments, and solve problems or emergencies that arise while working on the projects;

- Provide appropriate technical information support according to customers’ requests;

- Collect information on the animal model industry, identify and survey potential C. elegans model services and products;

- Assist in updating scientific content on posters, product data sheets, and web tools.

Online Application

To apply for a position, please complete the online application and include a cover letter as well as further references relevant to your field.

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