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Lifespan Testing Service

Aging is a fundamental biological process characterized by a progressive deterioration of cellular components and organelles resulting in mortality, and the mechanism of it is still not fully understood. As one of the great risk factors, aging is implicated in many of the most significant human diseases. Therefore, a better understanding of aging is potential and practical in dealing with these diseases. The nematode C. elegans has provided remarkable insights into the biology of aging, and used with great success to shed light on many genes and pathways that are involved in aging. Besides, many of these pathways have been shown to be conserved through mammals.

The lifespan of C. elegans

The C. elegans can be cultured either in liquid media or on solid media on plates, and it is feasible for measuring lifespan under both conditions. In nematodes, lifespan is typically defined as the number of days an animal remains responsive to external stimuli, and animal death is considered when they fail to respond to external stimuli. The precisely measurable lifespan of C. elegans has proven to be an exceptionally useful and efficient tool to evaluate the impact of various genetic, physiological and environmental factors on organismal aging.

Lifespan testing service in CD BioSciences

The traditional survival assays put a number of limitations on the number of worms and conditions that can be tested at once. Due to the manual worm lifespan scoring, measuring lifespan in C. elegans is tedious and time-consuming, which limits the throughput and productivity of C. elegans aging researchers. Here, we present an advanced service using WorMotel, a microfabricated device, for accurately measuring the lifespan of every C. elegans and monitoring aging C. elegans in a high-throughput manner. It is difficult to monitor from a microscope or other imaging device with traditional plate culturing. Moreover, worms are usually deaths due to dehydration from leaving their normal media, and easily susceptible to cross-contamination of different conditions or genotypes. The Lifespan testing service in CD BioSciences provides a clear field of view for each worm, a method of high-throughput data collection and ameliorates the above problems. Moreover, the nematodes’ behavior is captured in their lifespan using a digital camera. The spontaneous movement and their stimulated movement are determined, combining with blue light stimuli.

After measuring the lifespan, behavior of C. elegans, the reliability of the assay is evaluated. We offer a considerate protoco: first, by measuring the lifespan of wild type animals grown at different temperatures; second, by measuring the lifespan of mutants with altered lifespans; third, by measuring changes in lifespan in response to different concentrations of the antidepressant Mirtazepine, which has previously been shown to extend lifespan in C. elegans.

WorMotel experimental setup. (Churgin MA, et al, 2017)WorMotel experimental setup. (Churgin MA, et al, 2017)

Applications of lifespan testing service

  • Screening for genetic and chemical modulators of aging.
  • For research detection requirements.

Our advantages

  • Advanced and high-throughput technology platform
  • Excellent team of experts
  • Accurate and reliable experimental data
  • The alter procedure which is suited to your requirements.

CD BioSciences offers a lifespan testing service for automating various facets of the collection and analysis of C. elegans lifespan experimental data using an advanced microfabricated device. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality service and delivering accurate and reliable experimental reports. To improve research outcomes and the speed of success, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.


  1. Churgin MA, et al (2017). "Longitudinal imaging of Caenorhabditis elegans in a microfabricated device reveals variation in behavioral decline during aging". Elife.6:e26652.

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