C. elegans DNA Methylation Analysis Service

DNA methylation is a main epigenetic modification that modifies the function of the genes and thus affects gene expression through altering the chromosomal structure, DNA conformation and so on. Previous studies have demonstrated it is a popular research object, involving in many biological fields, such as embryonic development, cancer, and the influence of environmental factors on epigenetic inheritance.

However, DNA methylation was considered to be absent in C. elegans because of the lack of detectable DNA methylation on the fifth position of cytosine (5mC), which is one of the major regulatory mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance in many species. With the recent advent of more sensitive detection techniques, another major type of DNA methylation, N6-methyldeoxyadenine (6mA) has also been detected in some eukaryotes, including C. elegans. Previously, 6mA represents a part of restriction-modification systems, helping differentiate host genome from foreign DNA, and was believed to exist only in bacteria, protists, and other lower eukaryotes. Although the abundance of 6mA is quite low in the eukaryotic genome, these findings raised the exciting possibility that 6mA might serve as a conserved epigenetic mark across phyla.

CD BioSciences offers a variety of DNA methylation analysis services including preliminary analysis, 6mA quantification by UHPLC-MRM-MS, and conjoint sequencing analysis service. Different techniques provide information on 6mA in C. elegans from different perspectives.

C. elegans DNA Methylation Service

Dot blot assay is a simple and effective detection method for a preliminary quantitative analysis of 6mA in gDNA.

DImmunofluorescence (IF) relies on antibodies and fluorescent detection to study the localization, relative expression, and activation states of target proteins in fixed cells or tissues under a light microscope.

C. elegans DNA Methylation Service

DUPLC-MRM-MS analysis is a sensitive and highly specific method that allows a simple and fast sample preparation with no prior purification. It can detect 6mA at a relatively low level.

C. elegans DNA Methylation Service

DMeDIP-Seq is an antibody-based profiling method to identify the abundance and distribution of 6mA on a genome wide scale.

DRNA-Seq is a particular technology-based sequencing technique which enables an affordable and accurate approach for gene expression quantification and differential gene expression analysis of 6mA in C. elegans.


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