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C. elegans Biological Detection Service

C. elegans has emerged as a popular model system in many fundamental biological studies due to a majority of conserved metabolic principles between nematodes and humans. Here we offer C. elegans biological detection service, involving the membrane fluidity of C. elegans, the bacteria residing in the intestine, oxygen consumption rates, lysosome, cuticle and collagen deposition. With an advanced technology platform and an excellent team of experts, we guarantee our customers high-quality data delivery and technical support at the most competitive prices.

C. elegans Biological Detection Service

C. elegans Biological Detection Services in CD BioSciences

C. elegans Cuticle Isolation Service

The nematode cuticle is the animal's external skeleton and plays important roles in many aspects of C. elegans, including the maintenance of body morphology and integrity, the animal's motility and protection from the external environment. Despite the nematode cuticle being highly specialized ECM, having distinct and complex features, their biogenesis referring to molecules and pathways are conserved in vertebrates. We provide C. elegans cuticle isolation service, including freeze-thaw and ST buffer protocols to meet the relevant research needs of our customers.

C. elegans Lysosomal Detection Service

Lysosome related organelles (LROs) are specialized, membrane-bound cellular compartments, sharing many common features of canonical lysosomes and can be found in C. elegans. For C. elegans, the LROs is known as gut granules, the site of microscopic autofluorescence and can be accumulated with ages. Here we offer C. elegans lysosomal detection service, involving examination of lysosome morphology, quantification of lysosome dynamics, and lysosome degradation activity assay.

C. elegans Membrane Fluidity Assessment Service

PAQR-2 and IGLR-2 are two proteins in C. elegans that act as sensors in the plasma membrane to facilitate fatty acid desaturation and recovery of liquidity in specific conditions. In addition, PAQR-2 is the homolog of human AdipoR1/2. The AdipoR1/2 also plays important roles in regulating membrane fluidity in human cells. We offer fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP) method for researchers to investigate the dynamics of molecules in C. elegans. We aim to assist researchers with exploring the mechanisms of membrane fluidity in C. elegans and even in human cells and related diseases.

C. elegans Collagen Deposition Assessment Service

As a valuable model organism, C. elegans is evidently a good option to investigate collagen deposition and remodelling during aging. We offer histological and colorimetric methods to investigate collagen deposition during aging and reveal the alteration of it from a visual and quantified perspective.

C. elegans Oxygen Consumption Rates Measurement Service

Mitochondrial function is critical for organismal health and refers to various physiological activities. Mitochondrial respiration is a superior indicator of mitochondrial function that may provide a comprehensive view of mitochondrial health. We employ respirometers Seahorse XFe96 Extracellular Flux Analyzer to measure oxygen consumption rates (OCR) in C. elegans. Specifically, ORC is a measurement of respiration and the measurement of it is highly valuable in a biological system.

C. elegans Intestine Bacteria Quantification Service

The nematode C. elegans lives in a natural environment that carries a species-rich microbial community, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The transparent gut, rapid growth rate and its bacterial diet make C. elegans a powerful system to study host-bacteria interactions. Here we offer the services, including isolation of bacteria from worm intestines, quantification of bacteria residing in C. elegans, and establishment of an experimental microbiome. We are dedicated to exploiting the attractive model system C. elegance to promote the progress of related research.

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